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WILDFIRE All Natural Pre-Workout

WILDFIRE All Natural Pre-Workout

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Key Features

100% Natural: WILDFIRE is crafted with a commitment to purity. It contains no artificial colors, fillers, or additives. No mote sacrificing your health for your pre-workout needs.


Nootropic Enhancement: We've incorporated nootropics into WILDFIRE to boost your cognitive function, memory, creativity, focus, and overall brain performance. Get in the zone and stay there during your workouts.


Adaptogens for Stress Reduction: Adaptogens are natural substances derived from herbs or plants, are included to help your body adapt to stress and maintain balance. This means reduced stress hormone production, ensuring you can tackle your workouts with composure.


Ergogenic Aids for Enhanced Performance: Our formulation includes ergogenic aids, which are substances that enhance physical performance, energy utilization, and recovery from exercise. This means you can push your limits and achieve more during your workouts.

Supplement Facts

  • L-Arginine (3000mg): Enhances blood circulation, optimizing nutrient and oxygen delivery for amplified endurance and recovery.


  • L-Citrulline (3000mg): Boosts blood circulation, aiding in regulating blood pressure and extending workout duration.


  • Beta Alanine (2500mg): Delays muscle fatigue, facilitating improved performance in high-intensity activities.


  • Maca Root (2000mg): Provides an energy surge and accelerates recovery post-exercise.


  • Betaine (1500mg): Contributes to increased muscle strength, power, and mental clarity.


  • Guarana Extract (1000mg): A natural caffeine source, it invigorates workouts with sustained energy release.


  • L-Tyrosine (1000mg): Elevates cognitive functions, ensuring focus and attention during physical activities.


  • Taurine (1000mg): Enhances muscle function, resulting in increased endurance.


  • Ashwagandha Extract (500mg): Augments cardiovascular performance, muscle strength, and post-exercise recovery.


  • Cordyceps Extract (500mg): Provides increased oxygen utilization, translating to enhanced energy during aerobic exercises.


  • Lion's Mane Extract (500mg): Supports cognitive functions, sharpening memory and focus during workouts.


  • Vitamin B6 (10mg): Facilitates efficient energy transformation and nutrient utilization.


  • Natural Flavoring: Crafted from pure sources, our pre-workout boasts flavors derived from real ingredients, ensuring not only a potent performance boost but also a delightful taste experience.


For optimal performance and results, we recommend mixing 1-2 scoop(s) of WILDFIRE with 8-16 oz of water, and consuming it 30 minutes before your session. To ensure a peaceful night's sleep and prevent any potential restlessness, we advise against taking this product within 4 hours of bedtime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Safer and Simply Better

This pre-workout has a great formula and pushed me through my bodybuilding prep and helped me take first in my class. Highly Recommend!

Best Natural Pre Workout ‼️

APLabs Wildfire has literally given me tunnel vision in the gym. The perfect combination of stim and focus has taken my workouts to the next level. I am a huge advocate of a clean diet and I Love the all natural pre workout with none of the extra BS additives and artificial flavors. Not to mention my orders always get to my house super fast!!!

Michael Boer
Great stuff

These guys came into our gym. I love that they love what they do. This pre-workout is legit. I feel great that it's made in the US and it's all natural. You can feel it instantly. No crash, lasts throughout the workout.

Stephen Grayson
Solid pre workout

Great up, consistent workout with no real crash

Chase Birdow
Good product

I like that I know what’s going on my body. I also didn’t have a crash afterwards!!!