Who We Are

Mitchell Kepler

(President & Founder)

Mitchell Kepler, our President and Founder, recieved his bachelors degree in exercise science from Towson Universitty. He brings years of industry experience to the table from his 5 years as a corrective exercise specialist, and fitness nutrition specialist.

Nathan Mattingly

(CEO & Founder)

Nathan Mattingly,our CEO and Founder, began his entrepreneurial journey in 2022 with his first business venture: Alpha Hemp Solutions, which specializes in 100% natural CBD topicals and tinctures. He has a long history in sports, and a deep passion for natrural heatlh & wellness.

Mitchell and Nathan both attended Westminster Senior High School, and were teammates on the track and field team, where they ran the 4x100 meter relay. Their paths diverged as they pursued individual careers, with Mitchell delving into exercise science and personal training, and Nathan exploring entrepreneurship and natural health products. However, their shared passion for fitness and wellness, combined with a dissatisfaction with the supplements available in the market, brought them back together.

What We Do

Our mission is crystal clear: create 100% all-natural supplements that prioritize long-term health over short-term gains, with ZERO synthetic or artificial ingredients, ever! Our commitment to quality and health reflects in every product at AP Labs. Our customers receive only the best.


No proprietary blends or hidden ingredients, ever. We want our customers to reach their goals, but never at the expense of their health!

Why We Do It

Our 'why' is driven by a deep concern for the prevalent use of harmful, synthetic ingredients in the supplements market. Substances like Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K) and Red 40, both derived from petroleum, are in just about every pre-workout supplement today.


We were alarmed by the fact that the United States, despite being one of the most advanced nations, continues to be one of the most unhealthy populations globally. We believe that the widespread use of these synthetic additives plays a significant role in this health crisis. These artificial components, so far from what nature intended for human consumption, contribute to a myriad health issues.


We stand firmly on the principle that nature provides all the essential ingredients needed for our wellbeing. AP Labs is committed to harnessing the power of natural, wholesome ingredients, offering supplements that not only support your immediate health goals but also contribute to your long-term wellness.