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AFTERSHOCK: Relief and Repair Cream

AFTERSHOCK: Relief and Repair Cream

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Your New Post-Workout Partner

ATERSHOCK Relief and Repair Cream was formulated by a team of excercise science specialists to elevate your recovery to new heights.

Instant relief is at your fingertips as this powerful formula soothes and comforts tired muscles. Feel the surge of increased circulation as it revitalizes and invigorates your body.

Watch in awe as it promotes rapid recovery right where it's applied, helping you bounce back stronger and faster.

Recovery and Repair


Menthol: provides instant relief to reduce pain and inflammation on contact, it also increases circulation allowing more nutrients to be delivered to damaged tissues.

Taurine: is an amino acid that can be absorbed into deep tissues through the skin. Taurine binds to damaged proteins, energizing them and aiding in new muscle growth.

Arnica: Supports localized recovery, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Arnica has been used for its pain relieving properties for centuries.

Clove Oil: is a natural anesthetic that blocks pain signals from reaching the brain resulting in a numbing effect that simultaneously relaxes tense muscles.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ethan Meyers
Ethan Meyers

I’ve been using the relief + repair cream after my
Workouts and it’s helped with soreness and muscle
Recovery. Would recommend 👍🏼

Joseph Levin

I was using IcyHot prior and got a sample of this, it did the job without the burn of icy hot and it lasted longer.