Natural Aspirations: The AP Labs Story of Change and Commitment

Natural Aspirations: The AP Labs Story of Change and Commitment


Mitchell Kepler and Nathan Mattingly here. Our history dates back to our intense track sessions at Westminster High School, where our commitment to fitness and athleticism was unwavering. As we ventured deeper into the world of supplements, aiming to maximize our performance, we were often confronted by a concerning landscape. Ingredients lists filled with unpronounceable names and worrying additives.

Further deepening our concern were the reports of young athletes and fitness influencers meeting untimely demises. Many attributed these early deaths to the abuse of synthetic substances and steroids. The frequent news of such tragedies, combined with the knowledge of harmful ingredients in our supplements, made one thing crystal clear: the industry needed a shift towards genuine health and well-being. Thus, the idea of AP Labs was born.

1. Our Personal Journeys with Supplements:

Both of us have had our share of supplements, from creatine and pre-workouts to protein powders. But Nathan had a significant challenge. In 9th grade, he faced a severe back injury during a deadlift session. The road to recovery was tough. Traditional treatments didn’t help much.

Fast forward to 2020, Nathan started exploring natural solutions like CBD, hemp products, and natural creams, much like AFTERSHOCK. Our combined experiences with these products made us think. Many supplements had names we couldn't pronounce and strange dyes. And with news of young athletes facing health issues, it was clear there was a problem.

2. The Joint Realization:

Our mutual understanding of the harmful extras in everyday supplements sparked an idea. The market needed a reliable, natural supplement brand. That was the beginning of AP Labs.

3. Embracing Nature’s Bounty:

Nature offers so many benefits, so why go for artificial? Natural supplements mean better absorption, fewer side effects, and more well-rounded health benefits. We decided to stick to nature and ensure we source our ingredients the right way.

4. Establishing AP Labs: Trials, Teamwork, and Triumphs:

From track partners to business collaborators, our journey has been incredible. Creating AP Labs wasn't easy. Our biggest hurdle was getting the pre-workout to taste right without any artificial stuff. But after six tough months, we did it!

5. The Distinct AP Labs Ethos:

AP Labs isn’t just another brand. We stand for purity and honesty. No weird additives or colors, and certainly no shortcuts. We value clarity and believe in sharing knowledge. With insights from top health experts, we aim to guide people towards a healthier life.

6. Looking Ahead: Our Collective Dream for AP Labs:

Our dream? To help people choose natural over artificial. We want to make sure everyone has access to good, clean supplements. And to get things started, we're offering a special deal: pre-order our pre-workout and get a free Aftershock cream.


Building AP Labs with a trusted colleague has been a rewarding journey. Mitchell's attention to detail and Nathan's drive have come together to create a brand that truly cares. Our goal is simple: offer better, healthier options in the world of health and fitness. Join us in making the switch to natural wellness!

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